Tech Gnome

We provide the best service, customizing it to the skill, interest, and comfort level of each and every customer.  We empower our customers to feel secure using technology by talking with them, developing solutions, teaching them, and providing support when needed.       

What we Do

Who We Are



  • Software Development
  • Education
  • Consulting
  • Customer Service

We are a technical solutions company that focuses on making today’s technology ready and easy to use for all. Our special focus is with seniors, veterans, and individuals who have special needs that desire training and reassurance in using technology. Many adults do not use technology fully due to lack of knowledge, experience, accessibility, or comfort level.                              

How we do it

Technical Solutions

We go to customer homes or businesses, teach group seminars of all sizes in public or private locations (libraries and community centers), have an interactive website, and our newsletter includes information and special tips for technology in the home.